Mao Dong Qing  毛冬青 (Ilex Pubescens Root)         27%  
Ge Gen  葛  根 (Pueraria Lobata Root)                27%  
Ma Bian Cao 馬鞭草 (Verbena Officinalis Herb)        18%  
Ban Lan Gen 板藍根 (Isatis Indigotica Root)           14%  
Qing Hao  青  蒿 (Artemisia Annua Herb)              7%  
Shi Gao  石  膏 (Gypsum Fibrosum Mineral)         4%  
Qiang Huo  羌  活  (Notopterygium Incisium Root)      3%
This formula can help dispels pathogenic wind, clears heat, resolves toxins, cools the blood, moistens the throat. It is used during influenza and severe common cold with symptoms of fever, aching neck and shoulders, headache, sore throat. This formula has severe cold or cooling herbs. Prolonged use may cause upset stomach or loose stools. Not suitable for very cold or shivering condition.