Bai Chun Pi (白  椿  皮) Ailanthus Cortex        60%
Bai Shao (白  芍) Paeonia Radix                20%
Gao Liang Jiang  高良薑 (Alpinia Rhizoma)      12% 
Huang Bai  黃  柏 (Phellodendron Cortex)      8%
Action and Indication:    This formula eliminates Heat and Dampness,
stops vaginal discharge.    It is used for a person with leukorrhea due to
Heat and Dampness, as well as abdominal pain caused by downward
drive of Damp-Heat.    It is used for such symptoms as:    yellow, thick
and sticky, foul smelling leukorrhea, urine color red and decreased in
volume, dry and bitter mouth, soreness of waist and abdominal pain
caused by downward drive of Damp-Heat.