Chai Hu  柴   胡 (Radix Bupleuri)       28.00%
Huang Qin  黃  芩 (Radix Scutellariae)     14.00%
Dang Shen  党  參 (Radix Codonopsis)      14.00%
Zhi Ban Xia  制半夏 (Rhizoma Pinelliae)     14.00%
Gan Cao  甘   草 (Radix Glycyrrhizae)      9.00%
Sheng Jiang  生   姜 (Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens) 7.00%
Da Zao  大  棗 (Fructus Jujubae)       14.00%
Action and Indication: This formula mediates the Shao-Yang channel, expels pathogenic factors from the exterior to reduce fever, regulates the function of the Stomach to lower the adverse flow of Qi. It is used to treat febrile diseases for a person with syndromes of the Shao-Yang channel which runs between the exterior and interior of the body, while the pathogenic factors are neither superficial nor deeply-entrenched. It is used for such symptoms as: alternate attacks of fever and chills, fullness and choking feeling in the chest and costal regions, bitterness in the mouth, dry throat, dizziness, loss of appetite, tendency to vomit, bronchitis, gastritis, hepatitis, lymphadenitis, tuberculosis, pleurisy, fatigue.
主治﹕具有和解少陽,疏利肝膽,通達表裏  功效。用於少陽病,往來寒熱,胸脅苦滿,默默不慾食心煩喜嘔,脈弦而數,  口苦咽乾目眩耳聾,舌苔薄白,腹中痛,脅下痛,渴,  利, 悸,小便不利,汗後餘熱不解,症發寒熱,婦人傷寒熱入血室等症。對 病毒性感冒,  支氣管氣喘,胸膜炎,胃腸病,肝臟病,腺病體質之改善,各型慢性肝炎,胃炎,膽道感染有一定療效。對小兒厭食,腮腺炎亦有一定療效。