Gui Zhi  桂   枝(Ramulus Cinnamomi)  13.33%
Bai Zhu  白   朮(White Atractylodes)    20.0%
Fu Ling  茯   苓(Poria cocos)      26.67%
Zhu Ling  豬  苓(Polyporus Rhizoma)   20.0%
Ze Xie  澤  瀉 (Water Plantain Tubert)   20.0%
Action and Indication: This formula dispels Dampness through enhancing urination; warms the Yang; strengthens the Spleen.    
1. In a person who has Water retention with Exterior-symptoms showing the retention, related symptoms are: fever; headache; irritability; strong thirst; vomiting immediately after drinking water; edema; difficulty urinating; diarrhea. Tongue is usually white and slippery. Pulse is usually floating and rapid.
2. In a person who has Water and Dampness Stagnancy in the body, related symptoms are: edema; generalized sensation of heaviness;
possible vomiting; diarrhea; difficulty urinating.
3. In a person who has accumulation of Water in the body, related symptoms are: dizziness; vertigo; shortness of breath; coughing; palpitation below the umbilicus; spitting frothy saliva, drunk with vomitting.