Chi Shao  赤芍(Radix  Paeoniae Rubra)   20%
Tao Ren  桃仁(Semen Persicae)        20%
Mu Dan Pi  牡丹皮(Cortex Moutan)      20%
Fu Ling  茯苓(Poria cocos)        20%
Gui Zhi  桂枝(Ramulus Cinnamomi)     20%
Action and Indication: This formula helps to remove Stagnant Blood and soften hard lumps. It is used for hard lumps in the lower abdomen. The symptoms are: hard lumps in the lower abdomen, painful and spasmodic menstruation, or retention of lochia with abdominal pain, (refused to be pressed) after childbirth, dysmenorrhea, abdominal distention and pain, rofuse Leucorrhoea.
主治﹕具有活血,化瘀,消炎  之功效。用於婦女血瘀症塊,經停腹痛, 惡露不盡,胞衣不下,  伴雷諾氏現象的膠原性疫病,流產,盆腔炎,子宮內膜炎,經期綜合症等。