Chuan Xiong  川   芎(Ligusticum Rhizome)  16.33%
Bai Zhi  白   芷(Angelica Root)       8.16%
Qiang Huo  羌   活 (Notopterygium Root)   8.16%
Ge Gen  葛   根 (Radix Puerariae)        4.08%
Fang Feng  防  (Siler)          6.12%
Bo He  薄   荷 (Peppermint)         32.66%
Jing Jie  菁  芥 (Schizonepeta Stem)      16.33%
Gan Cao  甘   草 (Licorice Root)       8.16%
Action and Indication: This formula dispels pathogenic Wind; helps alleviate pain. It is used to help a person who has headache due to externally-contracted Wind-Cold. Related symptoms are: headache in any part of the head; sensation of heaviness in the head; common cold; dizziness; vertigo; fever; aversion to cold and wind; nasal congestion; stiff or sore neck and back. Tongue usually has a thin white coating. Pulse is usually floating and/or tight.