It also known as Baihe Gujing Wan.

Bai He 百 合(Lily Bulb) 7.6%
Sheng Di Huang 生 地 黃(Raw Rehmannia) 15.4%
Mai Dong 麥 冬(Ophiopogon Root) 11.5%
Chuan Bei Mu 川 貝 母(Tendrilled Fritillary Bulb) 7.6%
Jie Geng 桔 梗(Baloon Flower Root) 6.1%
Gan Cao 甘 草(Licorice Root) 7.6%
Bai Shao 白 芍(White Peony Root) 7.6%
Shu Di Huang 熟 地 黃(Prepared Rehmannia Root) 22.9%
Dang Gui 當 歸(Chinese Angelica Root) 7.6%
Xuan Shen 玄 參(Scrophularia) 6.1%

Action and Indication:
This formula nourishes the Yin, eliminates heat, moistens dryness, relieves cough and resolves sputum. It is often used for Yin deficiency of both Lung and Kidney and for Inflammation from Deficient Fire. It is used for such symptoms as: Dry and painful throat, dry cough, asthma with bloody sputum, afternoon fever, dry mouth & dark urine, heat sensation in the hands and feet.

Contraindication: For a person with cough due to Shi (excessive) syndromes such as fever or with flu symptoms.


宜可用於支氣管擴張、矽肺,自發性氣胸等症治療。 禁忌﹕實症咳嗽不應使用。